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Upgrading your Deck

When you think about upgrading your deck, do you think about redecking the deck or adding a different kind of spindle to the guardrails? Not only will these options improve your deck, but upgrading your deck may also mean upgrading the structure and verifying that the deck is code compliant, safe, and properly secured. If you are unsure the structure or integrity of your deck, give us a call. (629) 333- 8776.

In my experience, I have found this to be an issue on older decks, newer decks a typically installed correctly or installed per updated local codes.

Give Middle Tennessee Decks a Call today to have your deck inspected. We can recommend upgrades or provide just a detailed analysis of your existing deck. Give us a call (629) 333-8776

It is the older decks or decks built by a friend or neighbor that I have found to need upgrading. Typically, upgrading a deck requires new fasteners, joist hangers reinstalled properly, securing joists or rim joists, or just adding lag bolts to needed posts and connections.

In this picture, you can see where the joist hanger was installed properly, but steel nails were used. The proper nail is a galvanized simpson structural nail. These nails have much higher shear value and dont pose the threat of corrosion.




Here is a few pictures of properly installed floor joists. If you look under your deck and do not find this type of layout, give me a call. If you want someone to have a look for your, give me a call.


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